Cup of B00bs Tournament  Cup of B00bs Tournament - 2v2 - Saturday Jan 19 2013
Cup of B00bs Tournament - 2v2 - Saturday Jan 19 2013

B00bscup 2v2 Tournament - Jan 19 : FORUM Topic, MATCH SCREENSHOTS
http://forum.b00bs-cla...tion=media;sa=album;in=21 <-- Match Screenshots

This time instead of "tournament tree" we did round robin system.
Everyone played against everyone, 9 teams playing 22 matches, so the whole event lasted about 5-6 hours.

Match results and screenshots (click on map/score)

Cdt| = Cody (Driller) + Nate + Bondlike + Maddi
[hits] = windy + KarlMariaSeeber
XL(O) = LovelyTomato + J-D'L3H + Czybka
[CG] = Dr.phill.l + Chebbson
[SRB] = Stevo@Tux + maletaski
MWN(CTF) = MTS + Weed + Neext
LC = lstat + Clown
[ElArma] = SiNi + psychedelic + Juke
AW = Arcos + Wild + Tatanka

1st place MWN GermanyMTS & IrelandWeed & GermanyNeext
2nd place [hits] AustriaKarlMariaSeeberg & United Kingdomwindy
3rd place XL(O) GreeceLovelyTomato & PortugalJ-D'L3H & PortugalCzybka

All players were on [b00bs] teamspeak, except [CG]Chebbson who was in Dr.phill.l's room.
Cody, Maddi, Czybka and possibly some more left to attend dinner, have sex or some other business and are missing on the screenshot

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Not a Teamspeak 3 server/bad query port

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