Info for Admins on b00bs Urban Terror servers

In depth explanations of commands / rules / guidelines is available at the Admins and Moderator (only area) @ [b00bs] forum.

Not all admins are [b00bs]members. Not all [b00bs] members are admins.We delegate admin rights to players who we think can be trusted and help us maintain the servers.

All [b00bs] have at least moderator privilege on our servers. If not, you know it is faker.

As it is too hard to enforce game play there are no real rules for that. Do not kick/ban players because they are camping or killing enemies in spawn etc.

Use ban stick on cheaters. Record demo with at least 3 obvious cheat situations and always PERMBAN aimboters, so they are not be able to get back and they also get banned on other b00bs servers.
Send the demo via

Server commands

List of all commands is displayed on page urt-server-commands

Most used commands:
  1. !pb sniper aimbot
  2. !tb sniper 5h insulting other players
  3. !ban sniper teamkiller
  4. !pb = permban
  5. !tb = tempban (2h = 2 hours ; 3d = 3days ; 1w = week). Syntax is !tb PlayerNickame Time Reason
  6. !ban = temp ban for whatever "default ban" time is. I usually changed values between 1day and 2weeks
  7. Permanent bans are shared across [b00bs] servers.
  8. If player is using nickname such as "12345" or "." etc, you can find his "current game id number" with !list, and then do !pb 5 aim or !tb 6 1d insulting. (5 and 6 were imaginary perpetrator current game id's)
  9. You can familiarize yourself with other admin commands by writing !help
  10. !teams this will balance number of players in both teams
  11. !force player spec if someone is AFK. Do NOT kick Away From Keyboard users. There are few reasons and I will not waste time explaining. If someone is AFK for a long time, and server is almost full, bot will kick him.
  12. !warn playernickname language for example is someone is insulting others etc. They get kicked after 2 or 3 warnings
  13. !kick playernickname reason is someone is abusive but you do not want to ban (so he can come back right away)
  14. !spam cheat ; !spam swear ; !spam camp ; !spam spawn ; !spam tbag
  15. Sometimes assholes impersonate our members and you can check if that [b00bs]nickname is real member. The !admins command should show you what admins are currently online on that server. If it is someone faking b00bs member please do warn him to not do it and if he does not comply ban him.

Useful Information

  1. Aliases are not always correct. There is know bug with Urban Terror / b3 combo that is corrupting aliases table. Some admins have means of checking better.
  2. While recording demo do:!id nicknameBtw, on servers you can't do !id write these commands in console /clear then /clientlist then /condump cheatersnickname.txt
  3. Do not police server much. People tend to go against establishment, so they will try to piss you off on purpose.
  4. I want you to remember our "admin rules" and other info and comply with them.
  5. We at [b00bs] are trying to create nice place for us and others to play on. I am not asking you to spend enormous time spectating people, taking down cheaters etc. I believe however, that you might help us out a little without much commotion to yourself. You probably can recognize aimbot and stuff like that without spending/wasting too much time spectating.


  1. There are several levels of admins. You can check who is what level with command !admins and also !leveltest spiki
  2. 100 = Super admin. Usually only one per server. Denotes main admin taking care of that server. USA Your_Creator at USA Uptown CTF, Serbia MasterBlaster EURO Uptown TS, Senthext EURO Uptown CTF, Canada Velocity USA Uptown TS, France Orphal P Paradise TDM, Canada gdl357 USA Snipers only.
  3. 80 = Senior admin. The crew that maintains our servers globally.
  4. 60 = Full admin. Players who we know long time, usually top 10 or top 20 ranked players on that server.
  5. 40 = Admin. Regulars who showed they can be trusted and be helpful.
  6. 20 = Moderator. Entry level for admins. Mainly people who do not have much interest in catching cheaters etc, but will do their share of work by removing annoying players. !warn player tk or !warn player_nickname radio spam. !force player s (spectator)
  7. 2 = Regulars registered by Senior or Full admins. Can do !teams , !id and similar.
  8. 1 = (self) Registered players.


Not a Teamspeak 3 server/bad query port

[b00bs] clan SERVERS
[b00bs] USA Uptown only CTF
[b00bs] USA Uptown only TS
[b00bs] USA Snipers only
[b00bs] Downtown 27967
[b00bs] USA Jump Maps
[b00bs] UK funmap only TS
[b00bs] EURO Uptown CTF
[b00bs] EURO Uptown TS
[b00bs] EURO Uptown TDM
[b00bs] EURO Uptown BOMB
[b00bs] EURO Pronmaps only
[b00bs] Return The Frag CTF
[b00bs] EURO Boobstown TS
[b00bs] BOMB this shit out
[b00bs] Deutsch Mutterschiff
[b00bs] EURO Uptown SNOW
[b00bs] EURO Uptown FFA
[b00bs] EURO Jump maps
[b00bs] EURO Jumpers
[b00bs] Dust2 only
[b00bs] UK Red Eclipse